Heaven Dances



Open up the windows of heaven
Pour out your anointing on me
One touch from God’s hand
I’ll proclaim Jesus name out loud
With arms lifted high, and hands raised high,
I’ll dance like a carefree child
His love for me is beautiful like a mother who breastfeeds her newborn baby
I am new
His creation
I am in Christ Jesus
I am His child
Old things are passed away
He doesn’t look at my past anymore
It’s hidden and forgotten
Behold all things have become new
I am new
God made me  his child
I will dance for him
I am giddy and joyful
I will dance for him like David danced
Heaven Dances for me everyday

Angel Warrior


This is a poem that I wrote to heal our hearts against the COVID and the death of George Floyd who left our world because of Police Brutality. No he wasn’t the only one that lost their lives. There were many more that lost their lives to either COVID or at the deadly hands of white cops, or white civilians. I pray that this poem will soothe your souls and give you peace. There is God who loves us and is concerned about you so much that he sent His son Jesus to die for our sons. God sent out Angels of war to protect us. #icantbreathe #victory #beeurbesteveryday #beeurownrainbow #georgefloyd #policebrutality #justiceforahmaud #justiceforgeorgefloyd #psalm91 https://www.instagram.com/p/CA_BgenluW9/?igshid=16zor1um8eymp

Memory Wire Jewelry


Hello its been along time since I last wrote anything on my blog. I’ve gone through so much on this journey.

Many of you know me as as a writer, but now I am the writer who creates wigs, create jewelry, creates handpainted handbags, and now I’m painting on canvas..

I want to encourage you to take a journey to discover who you are. What are your gifts or skills do you have? I’m not suggesting that you start a business like I have. 2 years ago if someone told me that I’d start a business on Etsy and Poshmark I would say, “You’re crazy!” I’ve learned so many amazing things about myself and the people around me. I didn’t realize that I had skills to paint, or create jewelry. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what others say about you. At the end of the day, you need to be you.

My blog will be different now and I will let you take a look into my life and see how I create. Yes, I will still write, share poetry, paint and create. I’m still me, but I’m growing into a better ME. In the words of Nina Simone, “I’m feeling good!” Follow me on Etsy and see some of my creations. Be Blessed beautiful people

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Beaded Memory wire Bracelet, wrap around bracelet, Bohemian beads #giftforher #ethnicjewelry #specialoccasions #easter #memorywirebracelet #bohojewelry #hippiejewelry #beadedbracelets #beachjewelry https://etsy.me/2WpG50B

Is Etiquette a lost Art?


A summer ago I taught an Etiquette class to my Clients at my job. I taught them how to set the table. Many of them didn’t know what side the spoon, knife, and fork go on. Or what side the glass sits on.

Of course some women hated it, but when I showed the movie, “To Sir With Love,” it became a little clearer.

No Sidney Portier didn’t teach them how to set a table but he taught them how to dress. He taught them about manners and values. He taught the girls how to act around men. He taught them about being a lady and he taught the boys how to be men.

Also he prepared them for the real world and about Life. He told the girls that they were women now and deserved respect from men. He told the boys that they were men now and they needed to work.

On this day, I taught the women to hold their heads up high because they’re worth it. I had them dress up and walk down the runway. Then they were escorted to the table by the staff.

I’m not showing their pictures because of the HIPPA law because its against company rules to show their pictures. I wish I could show the entire day. The staff served them at the table and asked them questions about the class. The women were very nervous and forgot what I taught them.

At least they tried, and I grinned from ear to ear because they had fun. I didn’t want to make the lesson complicated. Many of our women were told by family, significant others that they are nothing . After awhile if told that you’re nothing then you’re believe it.

The purpose of this class was to teach the women how to dress, how to set a table, and what to talk about at a table.

Many of our women come to us broken, on drugs and homeless. They don’t know how to do much. I’d say 90% of my job I spend teaching them how to cook, clean, budget, paying bills, etc.

This is a picture of how I and the women decorated the tables. The women were proud of themselves.

This is a picture of my Executive director and some of the staff eating a delicious meal prepared by another Case Manager.

Outfit of the Day


If you’re wondering what to wear on a cold winter Sunday. Here’s a few pictures of my,”Going to Church, Sunday look.

I am wearing a Yarn loc wig created by me with 2 Silver necklaces and silver earrings to match. (I’ll leave a link to website at the bottom of the page). The Jewelry set cost only $5.

The Navy dress is perfect for Spring and Summer, but can be worn in the winter. The dress, blouse, and shoes I bought from several thrift stores in KCMO. I purchased the purse at City Trends for $35. Since its cold outside, I paired the red shoes with black and white trouser socks. Yes black and navy does go together especially if the navy looks black Lol.

I’m wearing a fur coat given to me by a dear friend on this cold, winter Sunday.

The website to my Jewelry business is https://papparaziaccessories.com/100814

Get Away


Hey guys my family and I just came back from vacation.   We spent two weeks on a Land and Sea vacation.

Day 1

We flew from Kansas City, Mo. To Orlando Florida on Spirit Airlines.  Spirit is an Economy Airlines and they hold up to their name (Economy).  If you know how to pack and you’re on a budget Spirit is for you.

Then we stayed at Best Western Inn and Suites for one night.   Accomadations were great because the rooms were clean and spacious for a family of eight. We got two rooms that had 2 queen size beds, sofa that let out into a bed, microwave, icebox, etc.

Day 2 and 3

We ate their breakfast which was Amazing.  Luxury Shuttle picked us up and took us to Miami. We stayed at Miami 4days One Broadway a Condo for two days. We celebrated Thanksgiving at the pool eating Mama Soul food a ma and pa eatery.  Amazing!!!!


Day 4

We took 2 taxis that accommodated a family of 8 to the Port of Miami to Terminal G Enchantment of the Seas.  I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture of Ship.  We traveled with a 6 and 1 year old who were tired  by the time we boarded ship Lol. We cruised for 3 days porting at Cocacay Bahamas.




Day 5 Nassau Bahamas

We took a tour with Tony our tour guide, and he took us everywhere on the Island for $205. We  saw two Flea Markets,  Suburbs , Middle and Lower class of living, Parliment Building, Old Prison and New Prison Building, Queens Staircase, Columbus Point,  Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte, Balcony House. He took us to a park and beach for the kids. At the end of tour, he took us to Atlantis/Paradise Island.





I failed to mention that this was my forth time visiting Nassau Bahamas and it’s a place that I love. They’ve added many new attractions and they have one of the biggest Waterparks in the world. It isn’t cheap, but we managed to pay full price for three of us and the other three were free ahh! Amazing!!!20171126_123742

We went to Coral Towers, and saw the Digg, Paradis Lagoon and saw sharks and stingrays.  Then we visited Beach Tower and saw the beach, the falls, the drop, the surge, etc. We didn’t have time or enough money to do everything. But we will go back and do everything that Atlantis Paradise Island has to offer.

Be blessed

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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Hot Summer days are gone now, but I wanted to show you a fun, free activity to do to keep the kids engaged.  I took my Niece, Nephew and their friend to the Kansas City Mo. Zoo. We had fun exploring the Australia Exhibit.  We saw some of the funniest animals that  had the nerve to be photogenic.  Our Zoo has several Playgrounds for the kids to play at if they get tired of walking.  I took them to the Three Billy Goats Gruff Playground where they fed the goats and walked across the Trip, Trap bridge.


Awe look at their little beautiful faces!!!!!



This little fellow sat out in the open and there wasn’t anything holding him in.  I told the kids that the Red Kangaroo was friendly, but I wondered if I spoke too soon. Many of the people that walked by thought he might jump out and chase them.  Several times he looked as if  he might leap and pounce us to the ground. OM! That’s one way to clear out a Zoo.  He posed for the Camera SNAP!





Let it Go

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Bound by Domestic Violence


In honor of Domestic Violence this month, I did a,” Let it Go,” activity with the women at the shelter. I divided the room in two teams and they chose a woman to wrap up in toilet paper.

The object was to cover her up in one minute and nothing was to show. However, it was hard to cover the model without  a hand, nose, mouth, etc. sticking out.  The purpose of this activity was to remind them of how their abuser made them feel.  Many of them felt wrapped up in an abusive relationship and felt like dying.  One woman yelled, ” I can’t breathe!” I told them to leave her nose and mouth free because I didn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.   Another lady had so much trauma that it was hard for her to watch the women being wrapped up.  I reassured her that if she needed to take 5 minutes to get some air that that was fine.  After she left for 5 minutes, she came back in and joined the group. The women shared that every-time they tried to leave their abuser he’d  lock them in the house, in a closet, etc.

Sometimes they ‘d isolate them from family and friends to control them. Their abusers made them afraid to Let Go of their relationship by threatening to kill them or their children.  One woman shared that her abuser threatened to kill her mom if she called the police.

When both teams finished wrapping up their teammate, each gave an example of their past abuse and how they overcame it.  Many shared that even-though they left their abuser they still carry the wounds and the scars daily.  Many of them have a hard time trusting, and are afraid to, “Let it Go!”

At the end of the class, I had everyone to unwrap the women while I played the song, “Let it Go!” As they unwrapped their teammate, the woman began to clap and cry.  Everyone sang along with Elsa and one lady said, ” I’m glad we did this.  Thank you so much for this activity.”  She continued, “I didn’t realize how much shame and hurt I’ve been carrying until I saw us wrap up a person, and when we unwrapped them I got free for the first time.”

Remember if you or someone else is being abused in a relationship please contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 1-800-787-3224 (for death and hearing impaired)